Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club

Fine Boat Rowing

The fine boat, also known as the ‘Olympic class’ boat, is the familiar racing shell that you will see rowed or sculled at inland competitions.  

In 'sweep' boats, each rower has one oar (or blade). In 'sculling' boats the oarsmen use two blades. The fine boats generally have one, two, four or eight seats. The eights will always have a coxswain (cox) to steer and direct the crew, whereas a four may be coxed or coxless depending on the type of boat used. 


Types of 'sweep' boats 

  • 2- (coxless pair)

  • 2+ (coxed pair - this type of boat is rarely used)

  • 4- (coxless four)

  • 4+ (coxed four)

  • 8+ (coxed eight) 


Types of 'sculling' boats 

  • 1x (single)

  • 2x (double)

  • 4x (quad)

  • 4x+ (coxed quad - this type of boat is generally only used by juniors)

  • 8x+ (octuple - this type of boat is rarely used, and will be for junior use only) 





Although Mayflower was founded as an offshore rowing club we do have a selection of fine boats which members can use when conditions allow.  

Images and descriptions of our fine boats will be uploaded in the near future.